East Hanover Partnership

About Us

The East Hanover Community Partnership (EHCP) is the official Special Improvement District in East Hanover, NJ that was formed in 2006 out of a desire to improve our community’s quality of business life.

The Partnership is a 501 3 c non-profit funded by special Commercial Property tax assessments under the NJ ordinance for Special Improvement Districts. It is managed by an elected Board of Directors that includes commercial property owners, business owners, council people, and residents dedicated to the success of the East Hanover business community.

(You can visit NJ Special Improvement District Information for more information on NJ Special Improvement Districts as a law).

Unlike other NJ Special Improvement Districts, East Hanover is unique in that every commercial property is included in the Community Partnership where other districts are address specific. This means the small independently owned store fronts and restaurants on Ridgedale Avenue, the industrial parks on Melanie Lane, the office complexes and those renting that space on Eagle Rock Avenue, and the major corporations and chain stores on Rt. 10 are all included in and are equally vital to the Partnership.

Every day the EHCP works to increase the economic, physical, social, and civic value of the township’s business, attracting people to shop and locate their business here.

Some of the more recognizable improvements the EHCP has implemented are beautiful streetscapes along Ridgedale Avenue which feature seasonal décor like floral baskets in the summer and holiday décor in the winter, the beautification of Eagle Rock Avenue’s office park and retail section, and expansion of crosswalks and solar powered safety signage in both areas.

In addition to the above, the EHCP invests in many marketing vehicles such as this website, digital ads, extensive social media sharing, and much more. Plus, once things are back to normal, we plan to resume our networking events and business seminars that are free to all East Hanover businesses and EHCP Stakeholders.

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